A Time Of Magick - The Movie

A man wakes up in a prison and is told the way out is through his dreams.  But dreams always kill their dreamers...

Terrance Birston
Kevin Bercier
Patrick Lowe
Chris Kilrea
The Hand of Ed Ackerman
Mike Jarrow
Brian O'Leary
Carol Neustaetder
Andrew Ross
Chad Ellery

Music from the album of the same title performed by:
Terrance Birston
Curtis Bulback
Scott "Drumming" Young
Mike Jarrow (closing credits song not on album)

The 2D version.
3D half frame side by side.
 Currently the YouTube supported version for 3D, though at the moment it only seems to offer anaglyph.  
If you're on mobile and have the Google Cardboard app installed then click on the link and choose to run it with the YouTube app and it will give you a VR option.  
3D full frame side by side.  Best option for devices or apps that support it or give you lots of control to set your own options.

Behind the Scenes

Ed, who played The Hand made a series of behind the scenes videos while we were filming at RagPickers.  Check out his "89Gertie" channel for your weekly dose of creativity.