A Time Of Magick

"A Time Of Magick - The Movie" May 2017   41 minute 3D movie.  Click to go to its own page to watch.



"Live Free Or Die" March 2013   The full version of the video!  Make-up by Carol who also did the make-up on the Red video.
"Live Free Or Die (newsreel version)" December 2012   My first single only release!  This was taken from old war and protest videos.  Trying to keep in line with the spirit of the song.

Show Your Blood

"RED"  May 2012 In 3D!!! Featuring the make-up work of Carol Neustader and staring Kendra, Vanessa, Sarah, Kelly, and myself and Chad.  Ghosts and devils and fire oh my!  Enjoy folks, lot of work this one.
"SMAX"  April 2012 With shots from the March 13 2012 show we finally got a video for this song.  Many have suggested it should have been the first video from this album.  Better late then never.  A big thanks to Scott Young for coming out and providing the crane camera shots.
"MADPIPEFebruary 2012 In 3D!!!  If you have glasses or a 3D ready TV click to YouTube to configure the settings to your liking.  Its tough to see but there is a devil in the woods on the path in the beginning.  Thanks to everyone who donated their empties.  I estimated the bottles represented about a thousand dollars worth of booze.
"DAMNED" November 2011  The premise is a tired old b-movie horror actor, dragging out the demons for the screen one last time...
"FIRE"!!! October 2011 We built the bondfire a little too big and the jack o'laterns caught on fire.  Cool!  A favorite song of mine from S.Y.B.
"PURE" September 2011 The first video from this album.  The last video I made that wasn't in HD.  This animation was originally made a couple of years previous for the demo version of "Pure" that was out at the time.  It was slightly revamped for when the S.Y.B. version was ready.


"Breathe" is from the 2006 album "Wreathe".  This animation pre-dates the album and was made as an entry to an NSI amature film contest under the title "A Cage In 2".  It placed in the finals but did not win a prize.  It is intended to be a visual poem on being trapped.
"RiseDecember 2008   The original upload had over 1300 views in only a few days.  In those days YouTube was a little less crowded.  Someday I hope to re-render this in a 3D version.  Probably happen when I get around to doing "Wreathe Redux" which I've been planning to get around to for a couple of years now. 
"Nu Adventure"  2007" This song was an early favorite.  While we played it at a show in 2007 Curtis said he saw a ghost of a young woman walk through the stage...

"Christmas Princess"  Not really a video.  The shots are from the end of a photo shoot done in 2008.  They are blurry because the camera started to freeze.  It was a very cold day.