A Time Of Magick - the movie now online

May 2017 Well I promised Ed I wouldn't release the movie until it was shown in a theatre.  Well Ed, you did't show up to the theatre so here it is online for you to see.  Though I thought it looked great at the Cinemateque.  I was pleasantly surprised it translated well to a professional 3D screen.
Now for the little screen.  You can find the link to the various versions on the video page.  Over the next few weeks some additional behind the scenes stuff will be added to the super secret login area.  But mostly I look forward to recording new music over the summer and not doing any movie stuff at all.  

And now, many lifetimes later...

April 2017 On April 22 2017 Rena G.D.E. - A Time Of Magick will be screened in 3D, at the Cinemateque in Winnipeg at noon.  

Four years!  Four screaming sheep hollering years!  That is how long it took to make Rena G.D.E. - A Time Of Magick.  Which was really, just supposed to be a long music video.   Not some detailed piece of artistic expression.  However, for all of its faults, which are many, it is exactly that.  A mind exploring artistic expression.  The music video aspect got tossed out during the journey.  Any notion of the movie being a big commerical for this band is gone, though the music is still there.  

It took so long because as they say, life happens while you are busy making other plans.  Like I was telling Kevin, the lead actor, if I didn't have to work and had no one else to consider, this would have been wrapped up in three months.  But it was fun twiddling away at this thing for the past few years.  Though I think I will stick to short videos for awhile.

I will try and get it online soon after the premiere.  I am unsure the best to make it stream for VR, as 3D TVs have largely gone away.  It looks great on VR but you have to wrestle with YouTube to make it look right.  

A bit of sadness...

End of 2016  So Leonard Cohen has died.  Been a big year for musical deaths, but there was one in particular that I had more to reflect on.  Leonard Cohen has been singing about being old and at the end of it for so long now somehow it seemed like his shtick rather than a reality.  I was lucky enough to see him perform twice in the last ten years. And I think he was at his best and still getting better.  Death sucks.

Progress on "A Time Of Magick"

SUMMER 2013 The music is all recorded and mixed.  Now its movie time!  This will take a while to complete.  Its like shooting ten videos.  I will post occasional update pictures on the facebook page.

New "Live Free Or Die" video.

A new version of the video is now available for viewing.  Check out the video page for details.  Download the song on Itunes, Amazon, or for free HERE.

New single... "Live Free Or Die"

A new single and video to be released in these closing weeks of December!  Though don't look for it on Itunes until January.  Un-related to any album, just a killer track that I've been sitting on for no good reason.  So enjoy it and get it when its available in your favorite store!

About Rena G.D.E.

Rena G.D.E. is the musical work of Terry.  Sometimes solo, sometimes as a band, sometimes acoustic, sometimes electric and very loud; but always magical.  

Past members have included Scott Young, Curtis Bulack, Chad Ellery, and Mike Jarrow.   

The name was first used at a show at the Pyramid cabaret in Winnipeg in 2002.  In 2006 a band was formed and the first G.D.E. album "Wreathe" was released.  Later some demos known as simply "Part 1" and "Part 2" were released and the next album came in 2011 with "Show Your Blood" a frantic and aggresive album.  At the end of 2012 we see "A Time Of Magick" being released.  A return to the dark and moodiness that was begun with Wreathe.

Later, much later, "A Time Of Magick" was made into a short movie which was released in 2017.


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